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Common sense you need to know when entering the power transformation and distribution center

source:English website  |  Release time:2022年12月16日
Five prevention: short for prevention of electrical misoperation, namely prevention of false opening and closing of circuit breakers; Prevent the handcart isolation plug of the metal enclosed (armored) switch cabinet from being pushed in and pulled out with the load opening and closing disconnectors or with the load; Prevent the electrified grounding wire from hanging or closing the grounding switch; Prevent the grounding wire or grounding switch from closing; Prevent from entering the live compartment by mistake.
Unlock: release the lock body manually.
Program operation: It refers to the manually specified operation sequence according to the safety requirements of electric equipment.
Non procedural operation: It refers to the operation that does not follow the specified sequence.
Mechanical program lock: a lock composed of mechanical parts, matched with switchgear, which can meet the requirements of program operation. It is generally composed of a lock body and a key.
Locking device: a device installed in high-voltage switchgear to prevent electrical misoperation. The switch cabinet can be operated according to the specified procedures; Otherwise, the switch cabinet shall not be operated.
Use of button colors
Black start/switch on; Stop/break.
White has no special meaning and generally causes an action other than emergency breaking to start/connect; Stop/break.
The blue force is to operate the reset action under the condition of requiring mandatory intervention.
Green safe startup or power on operation under safe conditions or preparation for normal startup under normal conditions; Switch on a switching device; Start one or more devices.
Abnormal yellow operation in case of abnormal state; Participating in an abnormal state; Avoid unnecessary changes (accidents).
Red emergency "stop" or "power off" operation in dangerous state or emergency; Stop and emergency stop; For stop/break; Switch off one switch.
Use of indicator color
White has no special meaning. If there is uncertainty about red, yellow, green or blue, it is allowed to use white general information; When red, yellow and green cannot be used accurately; When used as "execute" confirmation instruction; Indicates the measured value.
Blue mandatory means that the operator needs to take action; Input command.
Green safety is allowed under normal conditions; The pressure/temperature is in normal state; The automatic control system operates normally;
Yellow abnormal note abnormal state; Near critical state, the pressure/temperature exceeds the normal range; Protection device release; When it can only withstand the allowable short-time overload.
Red emergency dangerous state or immediate action required; Pressure/temperature exceeding safety status; Shutdown due to action of protective devices; There is a danger of touching live or moving parts.